Woul you like me to put a workshop on in your area? Go to the relevant drop down menue to find out more!

Christine also runs Ceremonies for those that ask - Ceremony is about feeling and visualising. It is about connecting to the Earth to heal and move obsticals from the finer vibrational realms and therefore from  physical life also. Ceremony can be worked for many reasons. It can be to deepen your awarness of spiritual self, to open your heart, to heal loved ones, or to heal yourself - the main basis though for any Ceremony is to deepen our connection to the Earth, as She is the one that creates the healing; helping us to connect out to the stars and our higher wisdom. If you would like to know more about Ceremony, or if you would like a Ceremony in your areaplease email her and click here

To see photos of a recent Handfast Ceremony click here

Christine has worked with a diverse range of groups from various organisations. She has an adult tutour qualification from NEWI and is a fully qualified Life Coach with Newcastle College.

What she has learned  from her life experiences though has been her first and foremost teacher, which has brought many coincidences and people into her life. Her experience over the years has taught her that everything is in vibration.

 In her workshops her aim has been to help people to get a better understanding of Energy Vibration in all its varied forms, demonstrating how we can all become  free and balanced 'Spiritual Human Beings'.



If you have a group that would like to know more about:-


Sound Healing

Indian Head Massage 

Natural Healing

Medicine Card Readings

Hopi Ear Candling

Then please contact me as I'd love to hear from you!

My aim is to help people to understand the human body as not just a machine but as a 'Vibrational Living Force' that we can affect in a positive way with a veiw to creating better health!

Telephone: 01939 251367

Email: [email protected]

Some of the organisations that I have run workshops for:-

  •  Women in Rural Enterprises at:- Barton-Under-Needwood, Stoke, Leek, Wolverhampton, Telford, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Oswestry – These workshops were on Sound Healing for fun and health
  •  Broadway Gardens Bushbury Wolverhampton – Sound Healing for fun and Health
  • Age Concern – Sound Healing for fun, health and de-stressing
  • Kingsland Grange School – Energy demonstrations
  • Nursing & Voluntary staff at Severn Hospice Shrewsbury – demonstration on the Neways non-toxic products products that I sell.
  • Youth Parliament for Shropshire, County Council, Walker House, Radbrook – Sound healing for de-stressing.
  • Barnabas Centre – Sound Healing for fun, health and de-stressing.
  •  World Mental Health Day, Shrewsbury & Telford – Sound Healing for de-stressing
  • Probus Club Wem – The body as an Energetic system

 Some fund raising events that I have worked for: –

  • · Shropshire Buddies – raising funds for the support of voluntary workers dealing with people with aids -  Natural Healing
  • · Mary Web School – School raising funds –  Indian Head Massage
  • · Hinstock School – fund raiser –  Indian Head Massage
  • · Ford Hall Farm – Fund raiser – Indian Head massage
  • · Royal Shrewsbury Hospital – fund raiser for new wing addition –  Indian Head Massage
  • · Home Start – fund raiser –  Sound Healing
  • · Long Meadow School Bayston Hill – Tsunami fund raiser –  Indian Head Massage
  • · MIND Telford – I did a Fire Walk with an organization called Blaze