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Grandma's Stories

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Beautiful, well-written stories for any age, although perhaps 7 to 14 is an ideal 'audience'. You can just click on the link and read the book online, FREE! I love them and I'm 47 lol! Alison from Shropshire

Short fantasy story for young children


young dragon adventures front page




Miniture Pet Potraits on Stone



below are some of the animal portraits that I have done. Working with stone is just so beautiful as you have to move and mould your painting in the way the stone is shaped.
As I start to paint each animal's personality starts to shine through, bringing their own uniqueness into the finished piece. Stones are beautiful mediums to carry a painting, as they can be picked up and held which makes them very special.

Communication is key - so somtimes the colour will change from the photo depending on whether it has shown the true colour of your pet as I will change the colours accordingly.

ella photographella



Photographmilly & murphy




Tajany and Harvey duo

  Dogs and Stones  


jack fully done on white ozzy ivan phone pippa on white















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living your dream forever

My poem below published in above book - written by Dave Jones and Jean Sinnett.

       "Courage of the Heart"

Good for you for going out and getting a dream with a rainbow’s end.

Good for you for believing that the universe could be your friend.

Good for you for not stopping when things became real tough, for knowing all things are possible despite the obstacles in your path.

It’s always the journey that’s important, the fun and hardship along the way.

The learning curve that teaches you the value in the day.

The leap of faith that creates it all and shows you what’s inside.

That keeps you trusting in the heart and teaches you how to fly!

C Cleobury 1996