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Grandma's Stories

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Beautiful, well-written stories for any age, although perhaps 7 to 14 is an ideal 'audience'. You can just click on the link and read the book online, FREE! I love them and I'm 47 lol! Alison from Shropshire

Short fantasy story for young children


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Stone Review


Nicky         Fri 16th Jan 2015 at 13:54


Hi Chris,
Just to say Thank You for the painting of Luna and Bo that you did for me, it's stunning, everyone remarks on it, you are very talented in so many ways, thanks again xx

luna and bow

Libbi Nash Sat 17th Jan 2015 at 09:56





Thankyou so much Christine for my stone painting of my beautiful little staffy 'Monty' I can't belive how perfectly it shows his character. I am so pleased with it and I will treasure it forever x


Gemma   Sat 17th Jan 2015   at 15:41


I recently commissioned Christine to paint a stone for a friend of mine. Christine designed & painted the stone just as I'd requested & the likeness of the cat she painted was uncanny. My friend was bowled over by the gift & uses it as part of her meditation. Christine kept in touch with me giving me progress reports & even sent me photos of how it was wrapped & how it would look to my friend when she received it. I can't wait to get her to commission more stones with pictures of my cats on them.



Fri 16th Jan 2015 at 13:53



really love the beautiful stones you painted! 

sleeping dragon and his friend Fantasy Stone Mountains & Spirit Fantasy Stone

 Linda Keeling

Sat 17th Jan 2015 at 20:02


 I have had 2 pieces now from Chris and they have both been excellent. I have had portraits of my 2 dogs and they have both been a fantastic likenesses. I would recommend Chris and her products to anyone.
Highly recommended.

Celti at home Milly

Carol Conquest

Fri 3rd Jul 2015


 Thankyou Christine for my stone you painted of our darling departed Chico the Chihuahua.
The resemblance was uncanny it is fabulous so very pleased with it.
Would like some other stones done in the future
Thankyou so very much xxxx

chico on stone fully done

 Sue Rayward

Fri 23rd Aug



Thank you so much Christine they are beautiful xx

purdy milly murphy - on white background




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living your dream forever

My poem below published in above book - written by Dave Jones and Jean Sinnett.

       "Courage of the Heart"

Good for you for going out and getting a dream with a rainbow’s end.

Good for you for believing that the universe could be your friend.

Good for you for not stopping when things became real tough, for knowing all things are possible despite the obstacles in your path.

It’s always the journey that’s important, the fun and hardship along the way.

The learning curve that teaches you the value in the day.

The leap of faith that creates it all and shows you what’s inside.

That keeps you trusting in the heart and teaches you how to fly!

C Cleobury 1996