Handfast Ceremony

Handfast Ceremony of Tom and Laura

I was privileged  to perform a Handfast Ceremony that I had been asked to do by Laura and Tom. It was an incredibly moving and beautiful day with many tears of joy shed. The spot they had chosen for the Ceremony was in a glorious place in Wales. To be part of something that was so special (as I know both Laura and Tom well) was heart warming. It was also good to meet the other members of both families that were new to me. My partner as well as my little dog Pepe were also part of this wonderful day.

I have been performing various Ceremonies for many years, as I work (Shamanically) with the Spirit Energy of the Earth. To connect two young people in this' Old Way' of joining together - with blessings spoken from the family, in a Circle of Spiritual Beauty, was one of the most joyful ceremonies I have ever done.

Thank you Laura and Tom for making me part of such a wonderful day!

Below are some of the  photos

Handfast Ceremony L&T

A Handfast Ceremony is traditionally done outside in a place of choice. It is created with the view that the two people concerned are coming together to share with the Spirit of the land, their family and friends, their wish to be united in love. The words Bride and Groom can be used within the Ceremony or not, depending on what suits the couple involved. The same also applies to the idea of giving away the bride – this too need not be part of the Ceremony if it does not suit the couple. You can either have a processional walk to the Sacred spot of choice with everyone following the couple, or everyone meet up at the spot and the couple make their own grand entrance.  Singing (or music) can also be part of this Ceremony and can be at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, or at all of these times  -  these choices are for each couple to make.

What will be included in your Ceremony:-

handfast certificate


* Traditionally a bell is rung three times to indicate the Ceremony is beginning. Then there is a circle made which the couple will stand in. The circle can be made from anything that is biodegradable (i.e. rice etc) and is made by the family members chosen by the handfast couple. After the circle is made the couple are asked “do you still wish to enter this Ceremony” once the couple have said yes to this they enter the circle and the Sacred flame is lit - this is kept alight until the closing of the Ceremony (for the outdoors a candle lantern is good as it stops the flame from being blown out).

*Various addresses are spoken by me after the lighting of the Sacred Flame, then for the Blessing of the Hands and Preparing and blessing of the Cords. When the hands are tied there will then be the Handfast Vows from the couple. The entwined hands (“Blessing of the Cords”) an address is then given by myself with addresses also from members of the family (or friends) chosen by the couple at the end. After all the addresses are finished the Sacred Flame is blown out - with a dedication of your choice!

When you have decided what you would like to include within your Ceremony I will put your personal choices into a printed version for you. You can then either make them into booklets or just print off to give to your relatives depending on what you chose.

I do not charge to come and perform this Ceremony with you, (please bare this in mind when you book your day with me) but I do charge for my petrol costs, preparing your personal Ceremony information and any stay over costs that may occur due to coming to your venue of choice for your day.

If you like the sound of the above and would like to know more, or just have an informal chat then please give me a ring on:-  01939 251367 or contact me via email!