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Through the sensitivity my Celtic heritage has given me (and helped by my Ancestors), I am able to support people in many different ways to find  inner peace, giving them more clarity to deal with their daily lives.

Y Ddraig Coch

Although my Celtic culture had their own understanding of how to read information from Nature and her Animals, I have also been drawn to many other different types of cultural knowledge. This has helped me to combine my own wisdom with that of others, giving me greater clarity in how I work my intuitive ability with heart.

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We will work with a combination of different animal cards.

Each animal has a lesson to teach that applies to the issues you may be going through.  

It is through Nature that the best emotional energy teachings come and through a direct link with Nature and Source energy, that we will return to balance!

Animal Card Reading/Energy Work

Working with animal cards we can connect deeply to soloutions to our own issues, as well as experience the energy world our animals live in!

This Vibrational Energy has an intelligence that is much greater than our own, but also very simple as it cuts out all complication that can muddy an otherwise clear window to wisdom!

"A picture paints a thousand words" as the famous song quotes,really is true. From a picture you can learn many things, as photos stimulate the subtle vibrational energies to reveal themselves.

An Animal Card reading guides you on your journey to finding out how your life is unfolding now in any given situation, discovering the challenges whilst working with the animals in a gentle way. Hidden messages in your life are revealed as a result and the reason they have been affecting parts of your life. As we work together with Nature we can then look to what parts of your life as well as what parts of your body this information has been influencing. Energy blocks can then be cleared allowing your body's energy to flow more easily, creating a sense of inner peace giving you good ways to move forward with your life.  

Cost £30.00

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Card Reading by phone!                                               

Card Reading/Healing telephone or Skpe sessions!

Please Note:- To book your session with me please either email or phone me on the contact details on my website. We will then discuss a day and time that you can phone me for your hour session. After the booking you can then pay for your session via the "telephone reading" catagory section.

Through Great Spirits' guidance we work towards balance!

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