Intuitive Sound Healing




INTUITIVE SOUND HEALING AND THE HUMAN VOICE - There is a place in everyone deep in the heart that allows everyone to see the light of all conscious being in themselves. The sound that comes out of this place is powerful in its presence and has the gift to create great change! When the human voice channels this sound it brings forth great lightness that allows everyone to feel the presence of God (or whatever name you choose to call it!) in their own being! What brings it forth is love, what emanates is joy, what is created is a gift of light; all it takes is courage and trust to allow this to happen!.....(This is not about the western idea of singing and creating good voice)

A short vocal meditation - Get yourself comfortable; gently lower your eyes. Focus on your breath - breath deeply in filling your lungs, then let go with a deep breath. Do this one more time, then just relax. Continue breathing as normal in this relaxed state while you play the meditation -

INTUITIVE SOUND HEALING AND CRYSTALS Crystals are vibrational energies; we will work with these energies using sound to tap into the living spirit which is in each and every crystal. When you really listen you can hear crystals sing! (You will not need to know anything about crystals to do this workshop). Come and learn how the body as well as being physical is also a flowing Energy. How to discover the heart space and how to centre in heart and  re-align your energy in a good way. How crystals as well as being Cosmic are also Earth and how we too are born of both these elements. 


  • INTUITIVE SOUND HEALING AND INSTRUMENTS i.e. singing bowl, bells, drums etc - Working with instruments is more than just learning to play, it is about tapping into the living Spirit. Different instruments from different cultures were made not just because they sounded nice but as a way of connecting to the Spirit of the Earth, as well as out into space and to the planets. Take time to experience not just how the instruments sounds, but how you too can work with this medium to lighten your life increasing fun whilst improving your greater connection to all living things. Musical experience is not necessary for this workshop! However if you have any ear conditions, epilepsy, or heart conditions then please let me know before you decide to book this workshop 
  • INTUITIVE SOUND HEALING COLOUR AND THE CHAKRAS - Much has been written about colour as well as the chakras system. This workshop will look at an intuitive way of seeing ourselves as multidimensional beings and how in using this medium we can access the many different ways in which we can work with the issues in our life, going through the vibrational doorway to the other side!

If you are interested in any of the workshops above and would like me to put an intuitive sound healing workshop on in your area then just choose from any of the titles! Either have a full day workshop based on one of the titles below or have a half day workshop.

Full day workshops will be from 10am - 4.30pm with space in the afternoon for lunch. The venue should have enough space for people to be able to move around and/or lie down and your group should be no smaller than 6 people and no larger than 16 people. The cost of the Full day workshop will be £35 per person - Half day will be 4hr £20 per person. Prices can be negotiable depending on circumstances!

For more details or to book a workshop please ring me on the telephone number provided!

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