Feedback for talks/demonstrations

Recently I worked with a group of young people using Sound Healing in a talk/demonstration that I was asked to come and give. I alway tell people that before we are conditioned otherwise we are already Empathic/Telepathic and that this is our first way of being. When I work to demonstrate this natural ability that we have I work with a range of different methods to create an experiential experience which is seen as well as felt by those that take part and those that witness.

On this occasion I had taken with me a few instruments and also a crystal and a piece of blue stone. In all my talks/demos I do not tell people what they may or may not experience, so its exciting what different people discover. In this exploration one of the people from the group was sat roughly infront of the group with the rest of the people surrounding her and myself in the front. She had her eyes closed and was given the blue stone to hold - she didn't know what she was holding. The group was sat around her and we did a before (how the stone felt in her hand) and after we had worked sound healing. Her feedback result was that whatever she was holding in her hand had felt heavy before the sound healing, then after the sound healing it felt like it was no longer there - like it had gone. Before she had held the Blue Stone she had held prior a smokey quartz crystal and had had a very different experience with that. It was only the Blue Stone that had felt like it was no longer there, like it had dissapeared.

Take a look at this video by Harry Oldfield of Sacred Sites and how everything is living energy.  Stone Henge comes up in the begining.