Bees - the power of life

(April 19, 2013)


bee12 bee2 bee5
bee7 bee10 bee11


Just wanted to share with you some photos of a very special day. This is the day the Red Mason Bee came to my home to live. They were brought by Viv Marsh who has been working really hard to promote the awarness of this wonderful little bee. He came with all the tools needed to set up my first bee home and with the much needed wisdom also in how to care for these amazing creatures. Bees are so important to humanity and yet humanity is doing a good job distroying their habitats and spraying them with deadly chemicals. It is said that when the bees die so to will humanity diminish and fade away.


I am still learning about these amazing new friends but if you would like to know more about the Mason Bee (or Osmia Rufa) please contact Viv on the link above.

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